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Blazing Hog Nationwide Coverage

with T-Mobile

Blazing Hog Internet Coverage

Blazing Hog is the only high-speed internet solution that is available across the entire country! We can provide nationwide coverage thanks to our 4G LTE partners through your Blazing Hog modem that connects to the towers. The download speed you will receive will be determined on your distance from the tower, network load, and local interference, but the current national average is 27 Mbps!

  • Blazing Hog is available nationwide and can service almost all locations!
  • Get a national average download speed of 27 Mbps!
  • There are NO data caps or throttling with Blazing Hog!

Get Coverage In Known Gap Areas

Worried you live in an area outside of T-Mobile’s tower range? Gaps don’t necessarily mean you can’t get coverage! You can enjoy our high-speed internet with unlimited data plans even in known coverage gap areas with the right signal boosting equipment*.

Our team is standing by to help you find the best solution to get you fast, unlimited Internet where you didn’t think was possible! Give us a call at 1-833-387-3200 now!

*Note: We do not sell signal boosting equipment, but our partners will supply you with everything you need to receive our signal.

How Signal Boosting Works

The exact type of booster you’ll need is a cell phone signal booster. They will act as an amplification device between our modem and the nearest antenna from our partners.

Step #1. OUTDOOR ANTENNA – The outdoor antenna receives, amplifies, and transmits signal to nearby cellphone towers.

Step 2. – MODEM – The modem receives the 4G signal. You can now connect a device directly to the modem or connect your Wi-Fi router.

Step 3. – WIFI ROUTER – The Wi-Fi router makes your 4G Internet connection available to wireless connected devices in your home like tablets, computers, and phones.

Get Blazing Fast Internet With Unlimited Data!

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