Blazing Hog Comparison | Blazing Hog vs HughesNet & Viasat

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How Blazing Hog Stacks Up

“Unlimited” High-Speed DATA YES
Online Gaming YES
Video Streaming in HD1080 YES
Plug and Play YES
Take it with you YES
“Unlimited” High-Speed DATA
Blazing Hog
Online Gaming
Blazing Hog
Video Streaming in HD1080
Blazing Hog
Plug and Play
Blazing Hog
Take it with You
Blazing Hog

Unlimited Data

Living rural has its advantages, fresh air, open roads, a great community, and more, but one thing has always been lacking – your Internet.

With Blazing Hog you can binge your favorite Netflix shows, download a new album release, connect on social media, and more, all with UNLIMITED data! That’s right, Blazing Hog offers all-you-can-eat data so you have no limitations on how to use your Internet.

The Best Option For Online Gaming

Play your favorite first-person shooter games like FortNite, Overwatch, and Apex, with a ping rate (latency)! Because of the sort distance from a cell tower to your modem, the national average ping rate for Blazing Hog is just 35ms – on par with cable and DSL internet. You’ll have the same competitive advantage as everyone else with Blazing Hog!

Blazing Hog offers the ping rate, the speed, and unlimited data that gives even the ruralist of homes the ability to game with no restrictions!.

Fast Speeds You Can Take Anywhere

Whether you’re looking for the fastest Internet solution for your home, RV, cabin, or even a boat – Blazing Hog towers over rest!

With a national average download speed of 27 Mbps, you can do more of the things you love online like stream movies, shop, download songs and more. And, unlike other providers that must be fixed to your home, your Blazing hog service comes through a plug-and-play modem so you can take your fast speeds on the go!

Simply put, Blazing Hog delivers the speed you need where others can’t!

Get Blazing Fast Internet With Unlimited Data!

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Lydia C.

Dorris, CA

This service is a breath of fresh air! We either had to use the only wired provider in our area which is always going down or use Satellite internet with data limits.

Dorris & Kevin H.

Dodson, TX

Blazing Hog lets our kids play games, we can watch movies, and the whole family can use for their phones. The service has been great!

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