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Blazing Hog Internet FAQs

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Blazing Hog is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that offers high-speed internet connectivity through a 4G LTE network. We make sure that even if you’re located in the most remote areas, you can enjoy all the benefits of a high-speed internet connection without interruptions and signal loss.

Blazing Hog uses cell phone towers to bring internet to our users. This means that you can get Blazing Hog internet anywhere with cell phone towers from our trusted 4G LTE partners.

Blazing Hog leverages the already existing infrastructure to bring internet to all our users. We use underutilized 4G LTE towers from our partners to bring high-speed 4G internet to our customers.

Yes! Blazing Hog deliverers a national average download speed of 25 Mbps and an ultra-low ping rate. Unlike with Satellite Internet, you will have no restrictions on the type of games you play.

You can get the Blazing Hog home 4G LTE Internet plan for just $99.99/month, which is almost two times cheaper than what you will get from other MVNOs.

Your speed largely depends on the signal strength you’re using, but the national average is 25 Mbps, which is more than enough for browsing, competitive online gaming, and streaming TV shows and movies. If you have full signal strength, you will enjoy even higher speeds.

Yes, the speeds that you get with Blazing Hog is more than enough to enjoy movies and TV shows uninterrupted and without loading and buffering.

In case you don’t have a strong enough signal or are located in one of the known signal coverage gaps, you can still enjoy Blazing Hog services with a signal booster. A signal booster is like a Pointing Antenna or cell boosters that can help you catch signals even if the tower is 20 miles away.

Note: To be sure you can use Blazing Hog, it’s best to contact our customer support first so they can determine how far away from the nearest tower you truly are and what the best option for you is.

Blazing Hog doesn’t sell signal boosters. We do, however, suggest that you contact our partners at Repeater Store and take a look at their 4G LTE boosting devices.

While you might be able to connect your phone or tablet directly to our partner’s network towers, you could do so only if you are their customer and have their specific plans. To use our plan, you will have to connect your devices through the Wi-Fi router that we provide.

You don’t have to worry about being deprioritized and will never be lower on the priority list compared to cell coverage users. You all have the same rights to use the tower.

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Lydia C.

Dorris, CA

This service is a breath of fresh air! We either had to use the only wired provider in our area which is always going down or use Satellite internet with data limits.

Dorris & Kevin H.

Dodson, TX

Blazing Hog lets our kids play games, we can watch movies, and the whole family can use for their phones. The service has been great!

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