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Unlimited Wireless Internet For Your RV

Living outside of the cable zone doesn’t mean you should give up on high-speed internet, or that satellite internet is your only option.

Blazing Hog brings you the best wireless internet service that you can set up in a matter of minutes, and take with you wherever you want!

Unlimited Data with 4G Speeds.

We have made great deals with 4G LTE service providers to bring you a quality internet service with unlimited data plans and super low latency.

Blazing Hog is the ultimate solution for all your rural internet connectivity troubles. Here’s why:

  • Affordable unlimited internet: For a price of $99.99 per month, enjoy unlimited internet at 4G speeds.
  • High speeds for all your online needs: With the national average speed of 27Mbps, you will have more than enough for streaming all your favorite shows and movies in High Definition (HD).
  • Seamless online experience: Low latency of 35ms is enough to play competitive online games lag-free.
  • No boundaries: Our plug-and-play modem works as long as you can receive a signal from our partner’s cell phone towers.
  • THE perfect RV internet solution: No need to rotate satellite dishes. Simply connect to the nearest cell phone tower and you’re good to go.

Finally, a Good Alternative to Satellite Internet Deals.

Satellite internet no longer has the monopoly in areas without infrastructure to support cables or fibre! You don’t have to deal with high prices for data caps and latency.

Blazing Hog takes away the single biggest pain point of satellite internet: latency.

Satellite internet signals take the longest to transmit as they have to go to the satellite and back. It’s a vast distance! So, while reliable, the latency of satellite internet services can be a deal breaker as the best you can hope for is very rarely under 500ms.

That’s a huge delay.

(Around half a second from when you click means a lot when you are playing online, streaming or having video calls.)

With Blazing Hog, you will never experience high latency. Our national average is 35ms, and our prices are way lower than what you will pay with others too!

Blazing Speeds, Anywhere.

Not only will you enjoy superior service, but you can also take it with you anywhere. No need to look for special RV deals or gear – Blazing Hog has you covered.

No Extra Equipment

No need to store fancy equipment or keep setting up a dish whenever you get to your new RV location!  Simply use our plug-and-play modem to get going!

Blazing Hog is the unlimited rural data internet option that travels with you.

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