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4G LTE Wireless Gaming Built For Rural Gaming

Blazing Hog is your go-to rural gaming solution, thanks to our national coverage, low latency, and high speeds.

Tired of experiencing high latency, getting disconnected, and waiting forever for your games to update? If so, it’s about time you switch to superior service. With Blazing Hog, you will get:

  • Low latency
  • High speeds
  • Super fast updates
  • No connection issues

No other internet service provider ticks off all the boxes that you need for a seamless gaming experience when you live in a rural area.

Blazing Hog has everything you need for a lag-free gaming experience

Rural gamers struggle to play fast-paced or competitive games, and the problem with satellite internet is that it takes forever for in-game actions to execute!

This is better known as latency: the lower it is, the more instant your actions in-game.

The average satellite internet latency is most often more than 500ms! (That’s over half a second after you’ve clicked your mouse or key)

Because satellite internet relies on satellites in our Earth’s orbit, it’s not a surprise that latency is the issue. After all, your signal has to travel 90,000 miles on average to make the round trip.

For a smooth gaming experience, you should aim for a latency no higher than 100ms. But aim for lower than 70ms.

Blazing Hog is your best rural gaming solution, with average latency being only 35ms.

Enjoy competitive rural gaming again, and use your lightning fast reflexes to save your teammates and defeat your enemies.

Are you without cable, DSL, or fiber infrastructure where you live? No problem!

Blazing Hog offers a down to earth service. We use 4G LTE technology to bring you fast speeds and low latency, so you can enjoy games in the same manner as your gaming buddies in the big city.

We have teamed up with some of the best 4G LTE service providers out there –  so that we can bring the high-speed internet you deserve wherever you might be.

Contact us today and check coverage in your area, and order the superior service to enjoy playing games the way you always should have – lag-free. 







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